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Baile mainly engaged in production and sales of the easily-melted alloy type and temperature-sensitive organic material type thermal fuses.
There have been widely used in air conditioners, refrigerators, coffee maker, electric cooker and other electrical appliances.
Jiangsu Baile Electric Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of Yangzhong Third Radio Factory, was founded in 1980s.
Now, there are total 260 employees.Our products have passed the various certifications such as:UL, CCC, TUV, CB, PSE, CE, REACH, ISO9001:2015, etc.
The company is being in a leading position in same domestic industry.
  • 1985 year
  • 5000 m2
    Floor Area
  • 200 million
    Annual Sales Volume
  • 45 sets
Baile will release corporate news and exhibition news in a timely manner, so that you can learn about the company's live situation.
Dust-free workshop

In 2015, the company invested 5 million to establish a clean room with three automated production lines. Now the fourth…


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Warmly celebrate the successful com…

Our UL laboratory has been put into use, and all products have passed various certifications, such as: UL, TUV, CCC, CE,…

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