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Modern Enterprise Competition
It is product competition, brand competition, service competition, but ultimately talent competition!

We attach great importance to the selection of talents, and we have always been holding the selection requirements of "negative lack of abuse".
We don't completely comment on the quality of an employee from academic qualifications and IQ, but also pay more attention to the employee's enthusiasm for the company and the quality and moral quality of the employees themselves. The company has grown rapidly in recent years and is inseparable from our employees.

Core Positioning
Do business and keep people
The company insists on making the best use of its talents and making the best use of the principle of employing people to create a platform for fair competition and a space for realizing its own value.
Treat people with
According to the characteristics of different positions, the company implements different distribution modes, provides corresponding salary for different levels of talents, and provides related activities such as tourism.
Make culture and keep people
The company insists on making the best use of its talents, and makes every effort to create a platform for fair competition and a space for realizing its own value.
Talent Concept

Competent work is talent, innovation and development is excellent talent, suitable for the company's development is the best talent.

  • The principle of both ability and political integrity: the selection and use of talents in accordance with the comprehensive measurement, the requirements of both ability and political integrity, insisting that there is no virtue is a mediocrity, talent is no virtue is a villain, virtue can not be neglected.
  • The principle of survival of the fittest: In the selection of talents, we have realized
    the transition from “Bole Music” to “Selection of Horses”. Whoever does the best, we will be reused as talents; otherwise, we can
    only be eliminated.
  • The principle of "effect theory": In terms of use, we do not look at the academic ability,
    do not look at the diploma to see the level, no matter what identity, what qualifications, what age, as long as it is done well, doing better than others, outstanding performance, It is a bold start and a heavy responsibility.
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